Mid Year Resolution Check

Nicole over at making it lovely inspired me to check in with myself and see what it was I listed as my sort of resolutions at the beginning of the year. So here they are:

•Go to the flower mart downtown just to look, not to stock up for an event or anything, just to take it all in.
•Revamp/simplify/organize At Home At Home
•Take myself on more walks to help keep perspective
•Try cooking some new things
•Design comfortable, simple, beautiful living spaces (this one is in process)
•Go to Hong Kong, drive across the U.S., see Yellowstone, go back to Paris
•Get published in a magazine

I'm not that into resolutions because I tend to overwhelm easily and also, you just never know. So I'm happy with how I'm doing.

Some things I didn't anticipate doing but have done are:

Completed some interior design classes
Have read more
Traveled through China
Discovered more local restaurants
Have done more personal work (the kind that makes you cry but then makes you feel better)
Have spent more time with friends and family
Met and connected with a lot of people in the business of making things beautiful

And a couple that I would like to add to the list:

Go to the Farmers Market more often
Dress a little bit more like a grown up
Make it to Yoga sometimes
Start assembling a portfolio of my interior design work
Go on more adventures (inward and outward)

I just realized that I like focusing on making progress on things I love rather than creating absolute goals that I can cross off a list. Interesting.

I don't know about you but I'm really looking forward to summer...


Rowena said...

I've always liked making resolutions, especially in tne New Year, but the rule is only 2, never more than 3, as you cannot do more. I generally don't get all depressed if I don't accomplish them. What I've never really done is to do a mid-year resolution check, so this is a great idea! Otherwise all throughout the year, I love making lists, at home and at work, it helps me focus and gives me such great pleasure when I can cross them off!

laure said...

I like those guidelines!