Feeling Scandinavian Today

I've been reading this great book (that I got from the library!) and it's part of what's inspiring me to want to go to Sweden.

Plus as ICFF, I got to see the OFFECT booth and loved their playful take on the mod furniture of the 50's and 60's.

And I've been using this Swedish skincare line that so far I really like. It's called Hakansson skin.

And any guesses where I might be headed this afternoon? Yes, the watered down version of all of this: Ikea.


::{J}:: said...

You're inspiring me to get this book!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Denmark, they're small countrys, see both!

tracey said...

Just went to IKEA on Tuesday- visit the pics at www. trendy blogger.com. Love scandinavian design- very curvy, clean lines, and great colors!

laure said...

You got it guys! Denmark's on the list!