Best Coffee in LA?

Cityzine is at it again. A while back, they looked for the best burger in LA and now they're scouring the city for the best independent coffee (house). What do you think?

Anyone ever have Joe's coffee on abbot kinney? For me, it's the most incredible coffee ever. But I drink coffee I make at home most of the time, or I walk over to Groundworks. I think I always get bitches brew or the venice blend. I'm a milk and 2 sugars kind of person, so sometimes the actual coffee is secondary to the experience...


lillie said...

i'm excited to see where else they review--and who is crowned the indie coffee king!

in my neighborhood (downtown culver city), i love the coffee conservatory. but i've also enjoyed memorable brews at cafe balcony (siphon brewed!) and intelligentsia (crazy clover brewed).

i've really been wanting to visit lamill coffee in silver lake, after reading this la.foodblogging post.

mmmmm i could go for a cup right now (and yes it's 10pm!)

laure said...

oooh, thanks for the tips lille, I'll have to stop by culver city and try out these places!

J-dog said...

I am now a coffee addict thanks to cityzine. we gotta get you drinking straight coffee, you'll be amazed. Good recommendations too! I want to explore now.

laure said...

hook it up J dog Inteligentsia tomorrow!