Where it all began

Going through some old scrap books I ran across this picture of me in my mom's apartment in Paris before we moved back to California. No wonder I like modern interiors.

If you're a regular, then you're familiar with this apartment which was in the same building. We lived there before this one.

We still keep in touch with the people that bought it from my mom. They keep it minimal and it's totally impressive because they've lived like this for years and years, they don't just hide things when people come over.

Update: Sorry guys, the people that live there asked that I take down the photos.


Stacy said...

Impressive is right. How did they live with such little stuff.

laure said...

I don't know. I think they have to think about it everyday. i accumulate so much that I have to constantly weed things out.

karey m. said...

this is how my husband and i used to live pre-babes.

and i just read an awesome quote about two people who were decorating their apt.

"don't you want bookshelves?" their designers asked.

"no. we don't need our books on display. we're perfectly aware that we can read."