Surfas in Culver City

A long time favorite stop for me and many members of my food-inclined family (and no I don't mean that they're fat) is Surfas in Culver City. It was originally an only-for-professionals cooking supply store. But now, and for some time, it's open to the public.

It is a wonderland filled with oils, pastas, sauces, thickeners, sausages, sorbets, chocolate, coffee, tea, everything. I love all the industrial supplies they carry like a 200 cup cupcake mold or giant pots to cook 100 lbs of pasta in. This time I was totally into the cake stands they carried (and the fake cakes that were for sale too!) along with some cool carafes.

If only my cabinets weren't bursting with cooking and baking supplies already...I made it out with just a bottle of vinegar. Oh and if you go, make sure to save time to sit in their cafe (pictured up top) and have a sandwhich or a little bite of dessert. We had mint and lemon infused water and a mini chocolate bundt cake. I'm totally serving my next guests water jampacked with fresh mint and lemon slices, it was so refreshing.


Ana said...

There cafe has to be one of my favorite Saturday indulgences (how can you not love the tiny homemade pickles?)

The put something in the air at Surfas. I can't count how many times of come home from a visit to wonder if I really needed a pot of $15. mustard and a copper whisk.

Rowena said...

I've had this store on my must-visit list for a while now, and it's only about 4 miles from work! I'm afraid I'll need more than a lunch hour to visit this place.

laure said...

Ana I feel the same way! And Rowena--you must check it out!