I Heart Target

Cruised by Target this weekend with 2 kids in tow. Let me tell you, it takes way longer with kids, but is no less fun. I loved these pots they had in the garden center, they reminded me of something you'd see in an old fashioned ice cream parlor. And this picnic basket (that's part of the cynthia rowley whim line) is so classically picnic basket that it's hard to resist.

They also have this new line of 'eco' school supplies that reminded me of Orla Kiely but, obviously, way cheaper.

I also invested in a new bathing suit. I'm hoping red and white stripes comes off as retro and not like a candy cane.


parcel post said...

oh my goodness. Thank you for highlighting this picnic basket. I am completely on my way to score this. good find!

suzannemarques said...

so not candy cane. so cute and retro. i'd be inspired to wear red lips.

Annie Empiric said...

bought this last summer for a Vegas outing with the girls and was nick named by the rest of the sun bathers Candy Land. It only made me love it more! This year I have Frenched it up by mixing the bottom with a black bikini top and large black sun hat.