Silhouette Bowls From May Luk Ceramics

Silhouettes have been a big deal in the design world for sometime now. It may have all been started by Karl Johnson the self proclaimed master silhouette cut out artist, but now it's taken on a life of its own. Just look at all that has been blogged: how to make your own custom silhouette, silhouette madness, we will become silhouettes, etc. It's clear. We love silhouettes. Maybe it reminds us (or me for that matter) of early trips to Disneyland, or maybe it's a harkening back to things made by hand, things that took skill, and things that are utterly personal.

Well I'm certainly not immune and am racking my brain for who (besides myself) I can have one of these bowls made for. It's a silhouette hand cut from your photo and applied to a handbuilt stoneware bowl. Your choice of turquoise or pink. We think they're too nice to just eat on and would rather form a collection and put them up on the wall. Would a pet silhouette be extra?

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