New Look

You know when you realize that you've been wearing the same clothes for a while now and you feel a little bit schlumpy? That's where I am! Since I work from home I've gotten pretty lazy about my outfits. I've also accepted that I really don't like to put a lot of time into getting dressed. So even though I have a ton of heels, I rarely get dressed up enough to wear them. I've decided to invest in a couple of pieces that I can wear over and over this summer but that look a little chicer. And I'm committing to shopping in my own closet for the things I forget I have or for some reason don't think to wear.

Today I found some shoes to make outfits cute. They're both from Urban Outfitters but only available in store. What revamping are you doing? Inner? Outer?


JanelleGrace said...

I need new shoes but I want cute, comfy shoes that I can wear over and over again with tons of outfits. Are these shoes comfy (I love the red ones)?

Porcelain said...

Love the blue shoes!!! Totally cute.

I'm in that same schlumpy feeling especially with my wardrobe right now. It just feels like I wear the same combination of things day in and day out. I think I'll have to bust out my summer clothes from storage and swap some winter stuff out. Maybe that will help some! :)

laure said...

janellegrace--the red shoes are becoming more comfy, I had to wear bandaids yesterday but I've worn them for 2 days straight.

Porcelain--can't wait to hear what you come up with. I bought a shirt and a dress from H&M and already I feel a little boost to my wardrobe esteem!

my little apartment said...

i recently did the same thing and i feel SO much...i dont know, better about myself, more put together, and a bit more excited about getting up in the morning and getting ready for work.

my summer is going to be full of dresses, espadrilles, and headbands.