Marshmallow Inspiration

[image from otswegotea]

Did you guys know that I love marshmallows? Who doesn't, you say? Well, I really love them. I seem not to have an end to loving them, so I rarely buy them. But when I camp or go up to Big Bear and there's a fire, you better believe that in between s'mores I'm stuffing my face with the little bastards. And if I thought I loved the grocery store variety I had another thing coming, because I adore the home made kind too.

That's next on the list, homemade marshmallows. I'm thinking of using this recipe from brownie points but if someone has one they've had success with then please pass it along.

Also pictures of marshmallows look so comforting, I wish I could make my bed a great big marshmallow.


stacy said...

Are these homemade marshmallows in the photo? They look amazing.

laure said...

yes, can you believe it!

jane said...

I've made the marshmallow recipe on Epicurious with great success before. It calls for eggs but I leave them out and the recipe comes out perfect. It's the one from Gourmet 1998. They are so delicious it's not to be believed. Yum!

laure said...

Thanks jane! Do you replace the eggs with anything or just leave them out entirely?