Stop the presses: Stop and Smell the Roses Poster

OK, I still love the posters below, but I just ran across this new poster from Keep Calm and Carry On fame and it takes the cake. Love it. Flowers, Art Deco, A reminder to be mindful. Perfect.


Aimee said...

very cute, and art deco!

Anonymous said...

I like this one, too. I can't commit to wall art, though. I'm always afraid I'll get sick of it.


omega said...


I am probably the last person to see your apartment, but am interested in knowing if you still have the names of the paint color in your bedroom/livingroom. As well as that fabulous blue in hallway? For some reason I can't email you from this computer.....



laure said...


The living room green is called mountain mist, the hallway: provincial blue and the green in the bedroom is a mystery for now, I can't find the chip! Good luck!