Travel Bags

I wish I could be nonchalant and cool about this but I can't. I'm going to China!! I'm super excited! I'm going with my boyfriend and his dad to visit his brother and my cousin who are both living in China at the moment. What I know at this point is that the trip does involve a 2 day train ride that goes so high they have to give you oxygen on the plane. today we took care of applying for visas and the plane tickets are bought. So phew, time to really plan the details. For now I have to fantasize about the right bag to bring with me (but really I want to wait and get something chinese there). These Thomas Paul totes seem like perfect carry ons for now.


Jasmine said...

Lucky you!I would love to go to China (and Japan) - will go oneday when the kids are bigger, hopefully!
Its so funny how women plan bags and outfits for traveling,we have trips coming up and I'm also going over in my head what I will wear,from shoes...to sunglasses...its so much fun being a woman!
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laure said...

Thanks Jasmine! My main plan is to have enough underwear to last the entire trip without doing laundry. if I can do that, I think I'm set!

Rowena said...

Oh how wonderful! Great thing about not being tied to an office is you can plan a trip in a flash! I'm envious, but I do plan a trip this year, as soon as I renew my passport. Maybe you'll get to see how they are preparing for the Olympics. You probably will find something to bring back and decorate your home. Maybe some authentic Foo Dogs... I hear you can find really interesting stuff. Maybe find out if they have versions of the flea market. Happy traveling!

Anonymous said...

Buy your underware in Hong Kong! But wait...the train goes so high they give you oxygen on the plane? You really are excited!!!!