Tools for beating the blues when you're sick

So it's been a little more than a week and I'm still sick. Not sick in bed anymore, but my voice sounds like Lindsey Lohan after a night out. So I've had some time to think about being sick and how to get better, or make things more comfortable during the process of healing:

• The obvious: fluids, rest, chicken soup.

• Watch TV (or moveis): just stop thinking altogether and let your body rest. Too often this can be a time when we feel like we could take advantage of not having the responsibilites of daily life. We might feel like it would be a good opportunity to clean out the closet or write thank you cards. It is not. You are sick.

• Wash or change your sheets as soon as you have the energy to, there's just something about clean sheets that makes you feel better.

• After the initial need to just lie around in bed, try putting clothes on or thinking about what you would look like to other people (this helped me start to get myself together)

• Gargle with salt water and, if possible, get some of it up your nose, it totally helps your sinuses and all around stuffiness.

• Let people do things for you. So when someone offers to bring you lunch, take them up on it. It can be too easy to think we have to suffer alone or that it's an inconvenience for others. Also, when you're well offer this same thing to your friends who are sick, and mean it.

• Take a shower or bath and use something scrubby to scrub the sick off of your skin. This is just something I do that makes me feel SO much better.
• What are your tips?


Rowena said...

Laure, this is the best home remedy yet for a hoarse throat ---

Boil sliced ginger in water until it is amber-colored, stir in honey to make it a bit sweet. Will soothe your throat immediately!

Anonymous said...

I like to read "The Hot Zone", about Ebola and all those other nasty viruses. It makes me feel better that at least I'm not THAT sick.

Coldeeze throat drops with zinc are also good.

Feel better, Laure!


Lara said...

hehe this post is so apt right now as i've just come down with a nasty cold. kicking back on the couch with a laptop catching up on blog feeds is definitely a good remedy for me right now! ;)

also though, I'm finding cloudy apple juice with a bit of lime and mint is great for soothing a sore throat! I don't know what it is about sour drinks that really help :)