Room in a box

Megan of Beach Bungalow 8 (an LA based blogger and designer) and her awesome room in a box is making me smile. I love all that pink and white.

I've been trying to work more pink into my blues and greens so this is a great inspiration board. Thanks Megan!


jamie meares said...

yeahhh! i'm still working at my green, blue, pink bedroom.

any updates on yours?

i need artwork. i love the for like ever poster, but i just can't at this point. you've had yours forever. i would be bandwagoning.

Rowena said...

Oh I have blue, green and pink going on at my home too! Colors found in nature. Pink can be so elegant when done right.

laure said...

Jamie--I've had to abandon my scheme since I moved. Now I think it might be more white, pink and brown, but we'll see.

Rowena--you know I want to see pictures now!