I'm Stumped

So my boyfriend's mom asked me to help her with her living room. She wants a place that can be used formally (there's a fireplace), sit with friends and maybe play boardgames with family. There's a TV room for more casual everyday use. I've looked at a lot of possibilities and I'm kind of stumped. The walls need to stay white and the carpet is staying. So I know I want an area rug and we're most probably going with a sectional from modernica.

The main colors in her house are much different from my preferred palette and are mainly espresso colored wood, red and neutrals and there's a fair amount of asian influence and some mcm furniture.

She has this piece of art that I'm trying to draw a palette from:

Here is the before:

And here it is with one of the rugs that was not a success (and a grandchild):

Here is one scheme I came up with (just the basics, but then I've rejected it since):

And here's another palette, though I think it's too blue and too much like what I would want....

(Apologies for the photoshopping, I had to deal with certain angles and...)

Anyway, I'm thinking that I might be overthinking all of this. She's fine with a light colored sofa and I think it would be great to add a lot of light to the room (since it has so many windows and a great view) and some more interesting textures that draw you in. But I'm so worried about making a mistake that I'm stuck. Any Advice?


Bob LLama said...

Well, my advice is pretty straightforward: put a cobra pit in the middle of the room. A half dozen or so live cobras is just what the space needs!

Rowena said...

Using a rug that is either red or blue is probably too much of that color. If she has other reds in the room it would clash with that blue in your palette and red in a big rug will be too much red. How about a rug that is in the brown family with some blue in it? Then use blue as an accent in a shade complementary to the red. Since there is a lot of light, the brown rug should be just fine - unless she has a pet that sheds a lot. (The idea of blue lampshades popped into my head...)

dean said...

laure, i actually like the direction that the first photo was going in...i think your idea about the white/light colored couch looks great and makes the room much brighter. i like the dark rug, because it draws attention to the rug and whats on it (ie: it kinda makes you forget about the carpet). for some reason, i want to find some rad MCM wall-planters and fill them with succulents and hang them in between those sliding doors...i think black/poppy/white/green with some gold accents would look great and keep with their asian decor?

the blues in the second color make the carpet stand out and look really "sandy"...

can't wait to see what you do!

laure said...

Dean, you just described my dream place! I might have to sell her on the style since she live through it the first time! But I like the idea of incorporating green.

And rowena I think you're right abot rug color choices, I don't want to overwhelm the room!

Thanks guys!