Eames House: Case Study House #8 Self Guided Tours

So I took myself on a tour of the Eames' House and Studio. If you're in LA you should definitely consider it, it doesn't take long, isn't far and is totally inspiring.

If you aren't in LA, here are my pictures:


Evan Gould said...

I think the Eames Foundation just started doing this. It's a great idea. The wife and I are going to go in a couple of weeks. You took very nice pictures, too!

john said...

I didn't know you could go inside. Gotta get myself up there.

laure said...

eh, about the whole going inside thing...I ind of 'ended up' inside before I realized that you're not supposed to be there. So, go in at your own risk! They do have one day a year (in june I think) where you can officially go inside!

Mel said...

I just went and it was the biggest let-down ever. We booked our appointment to visit the house, drove up to the house and were shooed away to park at the bottom of the hill (about 5 minutes away). We had to walk back up to the house along the side of a very busy highway with no sidewalk.

Then we were told we weren't allowed to go in the house, or take any photos that would show the any part of the interior. No guided tour. No gift shop. No friendly, informative guide.

We basically risked life and limb to walk up the highway to look at the outside of a house, and then asked for a minimum donation of $5 each.

Utterly disappointing. Save yourself the bother and just look at the photos on the internet!