Handmade Help

Hey, are you guys buying handmade? I'm doing my best to keep it simple, handmade or otherwise. I normally keep the buying to a minimum until right before christmas and then I succumb to the immediate gratification of buy buy buy!

So to keep my head screwed on tight, I've been scouring etsy.

I'm loving something's hiding in here. A lot of their stuff is sold out, but hopefully they'll restock for the holidays:

All these items are made of vintage vinyl wallpaper. when in doubt, draw flowers:

And from buttonpom really cute clutches for when you don't want to lug your purse around, but you also don't want to just carry your keys and wallet in your hand:

And just because sometimes I'm really into things that are kind of...bad...but good bad...and I'm always into kitties:

1983 Linen Kitty Calendar:

and this kitten print:

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tracy said...

Sweet kitty...ugh, poor little guy has Picasso eyes! It's almost bad-good.