Goodbye Apartment

As I've mentioned, as much as I love my apartment there have been issues. Floods, mold, I can hear my neighbors with frightening clarity, it's really really cold in the winter, etc. So push is coming to shove. The building is being sold and escrow closes the first week of the new year and then I guess I'll be getting an eviction notice. The new owner is going to knock out some walls and join my apartment with the other upstairs apartment to make a KILLER apartment with views all around.

So I've got to find a new place in the new year. It's exciting, it's terrifying. This is seriously a time of change for me. Job, living space, what next? I don't know how much more can change without me losing my cool.

UPDATE: I love what someone said in the comments and I'm intending to move foraward with GLEE!


Melissa said...

Oh boy! Hang in there!


Rowena said...

It always comes out better in the end, such that it makes you even think why did I not do this sooner? I went through the housing change and big job change recently too, and it's waaay better. There's a lot of uncertainty while you're going through it, but keep a positive outlook and it will be better. Things always happen for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Move forward with glee.