It's time to give stuff away!


I love Taschen for their incredible selection, uber cool subject matter and love of kitsch. So I'm giving away 3 volumes of their All-American Ads Series: the '30's, '40's and '50's. Just in time for the holidays!

Each coffee-table book is packed with ads from each era. You can preview the '30's here.

Now, I'm sorry to have to say right off the bat that this giveaway is only open to you folks in LA, so leave a comment telling me your favorite christmas or hannukah present ever and I'll pick a winner on friday!


Bob LLama said...

Well, my favorite Christmas present ever was the Taschen 50s' Ad coffee table book I got this coming Friday from you.

dean said...

maybe it's because i now have books on the brain, but i think one of my favorite Christmas presents was given to me a few years ago, after I'd first moved to LA. my mom is a Southern caterer, her mother was a caterer, so cooking is in my blood and i love it. when i moved across the country, i was forever calling my mom asking for recipes...so for Christmas, she gave me a beautiful journal that she'd filled with all of her recipes and my grandmother's recipes. every other page has a little tip or hint on it, and the fact that its entirely hand-written means that it's going to be something that i'll love passing down to my daughter (or son). theres something so comforting in seeing her handwriting every time i make Spiced Peach Salad or Claiborne Iced Tea...i love it!

Rowena said...

My favorite Christmas present ever was a set of mixing bowls I got when I was about eight. My family and I came home late from a party with relatives on Christmas eve and there they were under the tree wrapped in festive green paper. I was old enough to be skeptical of Santa but I could not figure out how my parents could have put it there without me seeing them and so I believed Santa did. Happy memory, that. I haven't changed much, kitchen gadgets still make me swoon.

john said...

Hands down the bestest and coolest X-mas gift I got ever was a banana seat and a sissy bar for my Schwinn when I was 12.



You are so mean! (Just joking) Happy Holidays from Canada!