Virtual Dollhouse: 3D Rooms

In my regular job I spend a lot of time around 3D stuff and most recently 3D furniture and rooms. It's a new enough technology that the quality of the models and the ways to render light on them gets better almost monthly. You can find a lot of crap out there but then also some really brilliant scenes. I'm thinking of learning 3D Studio Max just so that I can create a virtual dollhouse and rearrange it every day.

After all, it might be the only way I'll ever have all the Eames Furniture my little heart desires.

UPDATE: Looks like I'm not the only one into 3D!

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Bob LLama said...

When we were living in Paris, we had a big client, an American woman who was an interior designer. Her assistant at the time used to essentially do all her mockups in AutoCAD and 3DSM.

You would do well to learn it.