Rar Rar Press at Felt Club tomorrow!

RarRar Press is one of the many awesome vendors that'll be at the Felt Club Holiday event tomorrow at LACC. See the full list vendors here. And check out the class list here.


Prince Hamilton said...

If I was a business guy I would neither sell nor promote these two designs; not to talk of even buying them. People who use those words are those who slept on the wrong side of their beds. When an unselected majority who slept on the wrong side of their beds are going astray let the selected minority who slept on their right side bring them back. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wingweaver said...

Lovely, really lovely - not. I usually enjoy everything you have to say/post and this blog is a wonderful source of inspiration. I'm not quite sure what message you are trying to convey here? Perhaps I just don't get it.

Tracy said...

"F that S" is one of the most concise expressions in our current lexicon, and a phrase of special importance in my family unit. It is especially meaningful when a delicate, poetic, sensitive woman chooses it as a response. I hope you bought it so we can always giggle about our detractors and those who claim elevated propriety.