A moment for Marie

Marie Elfman is a painter. You might recognize a painting of hers from my house tour on AT. She;s done a bunch of jungle paintings but right now she's really into american westerns:

She also has a gift for animal portraits. This one is her sister's dog on 3x5" canvas. I want it. She'll do commissioned paintings of any size of people or pets. She doesn't have a website, but if you're interested you can email me and I can get you the info.

Here is a smattering of her other work. She's been painting for probably 25 years starting in France (where she's from) and splits her time between Venice and Paris.

My pictures really don't do these justice. They're all really luminous, her colors are amazing. Also, the scale makes a huge difference. Some of these are psotcard size and some of them are as big as a wall.

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