With Love From Shanghai

I'm still in the throes of recovery so in the meantime please enjoy these daily pics my dad has been sending me from Shanghai.

(Longwinded note to readers: My dad is probably one of the more well-travelled people you will ever come across. He travels for work and he travels for fun and he's done it forever. He seems at home no matter where he is and always seems to come home with a great story or two (or course it doesn't hurt that he's a charming frenchman). He's been in Shanghai since my surgery so he's been sending me a picture everyday. I think he should blog his travels):


Dad wants to build a house in Baja like this restaurant

Dad says that Shanghai is so massive and modern it makes us look like we're living in the past.

The Yellow Lost Museum by Fran├žois Scali. It's conceptual. It's French.
(It's definitely worth translating the page).

The Grand Hyatt, Shanghai. Pas Mal.

P.S. He gets extra points for the first one--I LOVE pictures of meals!

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Bob LLama said...

It looks delicious.

Delicious enough to EAT.