This is nuts

I'm thinking about christmas.

I have this crazy obsession (?) with the idea that I could have fabulous presents picked out for every single one of my nearest and dearest, all wrapped, all tagged, all beautiful by thanksgiving. This would free me up to do all those things you're supposed to do during the holidays: see people, bake stuff, decorate, hang. You get it. So, here's what I'm considering AT THE BEGINNING OF OCTOBER. Geez.

Felt Mistletoe

gift tags from every jot and tittle

Turns out I/m not the only one with this dream. Phew.

So on we go:

Winter cards from Redbean

New Ornaments from Jonathan Adler

oh wait, I'm really not alone (also, apparently I could learn a thing or two)


sparklerawk said...

Oooh, that felt mistletoe is so cute! :)

Bob LLama said...

In order to simplify your Christmas shopping, I will go ahead and tell yo now what to get me.

Here's a hint: it rhymes with Eyef Own.

Also, I like the Redbean cards.


I long for a holiday season that is completely gift free. Just a holiday with good food, good song, wonderful decor, handmade items & home-baked treats and great conversation with loved ones. Am I the only one who feels this way?

laure is at home at home said...

Oh Liberty Post--

I'm with you on that. I guess sometimes I don't even consider it as an option. But you're right, that's what it's actually supposed to be about!

drwende said...

I always get that way in early October. Inconveniently, the feeling is usually gone by Halloween.