All these bees have been dying all over our back patio. And when I say "all these" I mean hundreds. LIterally hundreds in the span of a week. It is unsettling. You can watch them die. If that doesn't make me recycle and eat organic nothing will.

In honor of my sad dying bee friends I give you this from etsy. A paper sculpture bee.


Christine said...

Laure, I am sorry to hear about the bees dying in large numbers on your patio. I am a beekeeper in Michigan. What you describe sounds like Colony Collaspe Disorder. Bees leave the colony and never return home to the colony. I agree with you...to many pesticides and herbicides. I have a very healthy colony in my backyard located in Kalamazoo. Bee happy, Christine

blushing apples said...

really you made this! i' am a fan

Rachel said...

love, love this!