At Home in Pink

So as they demolish my bedroom I can't help but think about what color to paint it since I wouldn't have to do it myself (silver lining!). And as you know I have a thing for pink. It just frightens me to think of it being everywhere. Here's some recent inspiration.

Woodson Rummerfeld via the scoop (find the WR link to the left in my favorites!)

I did some one stop shopping for images over at sfgirlbybay and found not only the greaqtest reference for pink but some ideas if I stay with the current green color pallette. Her new 'blushed' walls are the perfect shade of pink that isn't too much but is still very pink. Below are closer to my current color but with accessories that I really love. If I stick with the green in my bedroom I'll need to invest in a yellow chair like that. Anyone know where I can find a similar poster?


Anonymous said...

i believe that's a lisa de john print you can find at ikea!

Nicole | Making it Lovely said...

Yep, it's at IKEA.

laure is at home at home said...

Thank you! I like the coor better in this image than the large one!

Down Pillow said...

LOVE the walls in the first pic - they're just so fun :)