Lemon Verbena, or verveine in French, is all over France: in teas, soaps, lotions, food. Known for its analgesic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, hypotensive and sedative properties it also boasts a refreshing citrus-like scent. It's taking a little while, but Verbena is slowly becoming a fragrance du jour here in the states.

Mrs. Meyers has a complete line of Lemon Verbena Cleaning products. It's amazing how extensive their collection is. They carry laundry soap, dryer sheets, carpet cleaner, window cleaner, room spray, furniture cream, and it's all phosphate and ammonia free!

Provence based L'occitane (now available in any mall in america) also carries an extensive line of Verbena Scented products. My favorites are the refreshing towelettes and shower gel.

Lipton France sells a Verveine Tisane (or 'infusion') that you can buy online here. It's a great after dinner tea that soothes and relaxes.

Seeds of Love has a great article on all the DIY uses for Lemon Verbena including scone recipes, a simple syrup for use in pound cakes and desserts, tea and a hair rinse. There are also tips for growing it yourself.

Etsy has a nice selection of handmade Verbena-based products including a verbena soap from seller valleyoftheroses

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