Tea Time is a Good Time

Amazing (and impressive) Blooming Tea!
Have you seen this tea? It comes as a tight little bud and when immersed in water it unfolds or blooms into a flower. It's beautiful, fancy, and tastes good too.
I don't have a clear tea pot so I use the carafe from my french press to display the lovely bloom.

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Natasha said...

tea time is a good time.that means
3x a day with food or just after food. i was raised this way, pop is indian (colony of the tea crazy brits) very strong black tea with tons of milk. i call it milky-tea. it is my favorite drink. it needs to be hot as lava or it is undrinkable. when there is no way to reheat i feel very sad. i also feel sad when i have to drink from plastic.

the health experts say tea is good for us, what super news! no more
worry about being hyper-caffeinated with stained teeth.