Hello and Welcome

I've noticed that feeling at home can follow me around. That sometimes no matter where I am, I feel at home. Sometimes, no matter where I am, I don't feel at home. Is home in me?

I've been happy to finally be home. I've picked out objects for that someday home--the california craftsman bungalow, the big city high-rise penthouse, the charming parisian pied a terre, the farmhouse in provence, the family house in Oregon. I've searched for comfort in other people's homes, in design magazines, other wonderful websites and blogs, old family pictures and memories of homes gone by. I've planned imaginary meals in imaginary homes in imaginary future lives. I've soaked in all the ways that houses and homes affect me and what they mean to me.

So, I'll be talking about home and all the stuff that makes them up for me and in me.


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