Blog Address Update

Hi All, I'm moving at home at home over to here:


The design isn't finished yet, but since it's google-able and basically functional, I wanted to point you there. Don't be afraid if it changes over the next month!


The Big Reveal

There is nothing like the thrill of pulling an almost all-nighter getting a space together. Great team, great boss, great mid century house. 4 hours of sleep, a night spent at a seedy local motel and a great 'big reveal' this morning for the homeowners and the cameras. They cried. And I want to live in the space we put together for them in just 5 days. Thanks to Morgan and Heather and Mike and Mark. I'll let you know when the show is on air. I'm glad we have another episode to do together. And I like the idea of BIG REVEALS.


Damp and Quiet

More rain and lots of work. The best part is that the set is actually outside of LA so I get lots of drive time to listen to music. I can listen to the same songs on repeat a bajillion times without getting tired of them. Right now, in the rain, on the road, I'm loving World News and Who Knows, Who Cares.

This was the foggy view the other morning, I loved how quiet it was.


Foggy Fall Days

Slipped away and got down to the beach on one foggy morning. Took the time to actually sit down, drink my coffee and let the mist settle onto me.


The Decorator

I'm working on a home makeover show (the schedule is crazy! I won't be posting much) and my official title is...The Decorator. I feel like I should be in some kind of action film or at the very least, wearing shoulder pads.

I spend a lot of time with these paint decks, have my own desk at the Discovery Channel and work with a great team including Morgan!

I'll blog more about it when I have clearance to talk about it, but it's a great before and after show with a focus on extreme clutter clearing and organizing. I don't have to deal with the clutter, I just get to design the after. Our first shoot day is tomorrow (I'm behind the scenes though) and we'll be working 6 days straight on the first home.

More soon!


Mae Mae Paperie

One of the highlights of working freelance is that every job I do is an adventure at a new location with, normally, people I don't know. After I shot the cover for Rue of Woodson and Rummerfield they had a last minute shoot that I was able to jump on board for. And it was so worth it. I got to meet Megan at Mae Mae Paperie and Summer at Grey Likes Weddings and we spent the day styling the Mae Mae Studio, shooting the great line of stationery that you can get as a free download through Rue (on page 59), shooting Megan for the feature and eating really good pizza. (Look, this is us!).

Then, as though that wasn't a nice enough experience, I got this impeccably wrapped little package in the mail from Megan filled with a thoughtful note and little presents from Mae Mae.

Thanks again, Megan!

And Happy Weekend Everyone.


Sneak Peek

I shot an amazing house in Highland Park recently for my good friend and blogging cohort Jonathan over at Happy Mundane. You'll get to see many more images when the next issue of his awesome zine, At Your Liesure comes out, but for now, wanted to share this little peek. I've got a soft spot for great old paintings, a well placed dog and all that white and light.


Happy Friday

Love this image of a vintage Martha Stewart in front of a great table with cascading, happy poppies straight from the garden. It's loose and casual but because they line the whole center of the table, it's a statement. Also, how vampy is Martha, in her own way, here. Incredible. I want to use the idea on a farm house table with linen napkins, white plates and bottles of wine.

See more vintage Martha right here.

And happy happy weekend.